Aluminium, Zinc and Lead Roofing Specialists

We are a Cork based company specialising in the
installation of copper roofing, zinc roofing and cladding and aluminium roofing.


We specialise in Zinc roofing.  A high quality long lasting product for your next roofing project.


Copper and
Lead Roofing

Copper and lead is a solid safe long lasting roofing material.  Contact our team for a quote.


Heritage Roofing

One of our specific areas of focus is heritage roofing.  We can restore your aging home or buildin’s roof.

Copper & Sheetmetal Roofing & Cladding

Pat O’Leary Copper & Sheetmetal is a Cork based company specialising in the installation of standing steam copper and zinc roofing and cladding. We provide roofing systems for construction, private clients and also the Heritage section.

With over 30 years’ experience we strive to maintain a high level of quality workmanship and work ethic to our projects and as a result have built close relationships with Architects and builders.

We are involved in Heritage buildings as to restoration as we install all types of lead work and also we do specialist lead welding.

We also offer advice on the different build ups to different roof types, venting and specification as to design.

So please call or email with your inquiry for a free quotation and we will do our best to meet your requirements and put you in the right direction.



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