All roofs have advantages and disadvantages.  We are familiar with copper roof benefits and have no hesitation in recommending copper roofing to our customers asa reliable sustainable roofing solution.  Lets look at the top benefits of a copper roofing solution..

Cost-Effectiveness of Copper Roofing

Copper roofing is very durable and much more durable than the classic slate roofs you see everywhere.  IT is not unusual for a copper roof to last 50 years or more.  From a safety perspective copper is also extremely fireproof.

All this means less maintenance and lower costs.

Copper Roofing Is Environmentally Friendly

Builders and clients are now more and more environmentally friendly. copper metal is reflective of heat and doesn’t absorb it.  It is also 100% recyclable so if your environmental footprint is important which it should be then choosing a copper roofing solution is a great idea.

Lightweight Flexible Roof

Unlike many other roofing materials, copper is relatively lightweight. This means that there is less stress on your home’s structure overall.

Because of copper’s nature, we can shape and mold it to fit even the most unique architectural features.

Resale Value

The benefits of copper roofing can be enjoyed by anyone. Copper roofing looks beautiful and a copper roof offers fantastic resale value and marketability to your property.

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